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zhuzh up style and power up sales – ACCESSORIZE!

blessed-mamaAs August wends its sweaty way through Apparel Markets in Atlanta and Las Vegas (thanking the heavens these buying trips don’t need dressing room peel-offs), JuniperMarket is here with our latest Brand Book to drop into your summer haze and offer the flip-flopped and frozen drink-ified approach to powering up your style. 
Along with all the fabulous new apparel ordered, the inspo you come away with from Market is the start of the great energy that will kick off the upcoming seasons. But we all understand that accessories really complete the look ... and the sale. Kind of like you already know that a judicious selection of secondary inventory is what really allows you to set yourself apart.  

And, as sure as we are that you found some gotta-have-those accessories as you dervish-whirled your way through Market, we’re equally sure that you had so much on your Market to-do list that you only saw – and nabbed – a fraction of what you want and need.  

That’s our cue! 


Going easy on the blisters and light on the ice, take a quick scroll here through this curated styling culled from our behind-the-scenes peek at the Brand Book. Use this inside skinny to get an idea of where you want to make your deep dive into cool JuniperMarket waters. Not-so-buried accessory treasure awaits you ...

think elemental 

Yes! A lot of fashion will always remain rooted in the elements that make up our daily lives. But how we view and use them changes with the seasons. Style a bit of fire into your fashion with a skinny flash from Two 12 Fashion around your waist. Grab some earthiness in hand with Pink Haley’s Juliette Bamboo Tote or on your wrist with a Mother of Pearl Cabachon Bracelet from Mark Edge Jewelry. Wrap your customers in the watery vibe of Greenstitch Fashion’s one-of-a-kind, sustainable indigo pieces. And elevate the air around all of it with Dream Lion Incense’s Creative Imagination. Sweet dreams ... and sales ... are made of these. 

color your world 

Don’t forget to wave your magic wand of color to spark a bold step into this season’s looks for your customers. The attention-grabbing yet feel-good color palette that is “dopamine dressing” can often be an easier sale in smaller doses like accessories.  

kimonoThis revolution of color – sparked, as Pantone tells us, by our immersion in the digital world – goes IRL with pieces like the Betty Rainbow Beaded Earrings and Vienna Purple Chain Link Earrings from Koko and Lola. Let your customers proclaim their love of color right from the hair on top of their heads with Conversation Heart Hair Clips by Coco’s Musings. Or they can opt to carry all the bright feels with them in a Packed Party tote!   

go edgy into the barbiecore night 

Whatever you do, don’t miss the chance for you and your customers to catch a stylistic ride in Barbie’s Dream Car as we tool through another iteration of barbiecore fashion. For many of us, there needs to be just a little more chic and a tad bit of edginess to the cotton candy sweetness of it all, and JuniperMarket is here to ease your way into the right lane.  

Use Gleam Eyewear for your rose-colored-in-just-the-right-way outlook. Grab one of Kompanero’s less saccharine, more refined leather Janis Sling Bags to take a bit of the blush life with you. And don’t hit the brakes when it comes to the indulgences that are the “core” of barbiecore: A Girl's Gotta Spa adds the patchouli to your lavender while Lizush LLC brings the fizz to your end-of-day refresher. 

We hope we flipped the switch on all kinds of idea lightbulbs with our sneak peek at JuniperMarket’s Brand Book. It’s that time – time to put a little paper parasol in your summer cooler and page your way to accessory success. Happy shopping, and we’ll see you on the flip-flop side!