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whether it’s misty, foggy or leafy, green is the color of 2022

The paint companies and their color forecasts are merely telling us what we’ve been living this past year: Nature has brought us not only serenity but safetySo, it makes sense that 2022 sees us bringing nature’s properties of healing and growth home with us.  

And, while you’re looking forward to the January Markets to get yourself physically immersed in the color story of 2022, you can start your dive into the foamy green sea of color – right here, right now – with a visit to Craft your designs, draft your shopping list, even place an order for a few special pieces to get your customers primed and ready for Go Green time! 

Earthy Harmony and Balance 

From Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog to Benjamin Moore’s October Mist to Laurel Leaf by Better Homes and Gardens, the next chapter in our natural lifestyle refresher course has moved inside to shade our walls with organic calm, to cover our furnishings in earthy comfort, and to adorn and imbue our spaces – both public and private – with harmony and balance. 

dc17128c_1_lgIconic Pineapple brings a literal Serene Green scene into your living space. 


Going Green Fits Every Style

About their Evergreen Fog hue, Sherwin-Williams says “it has the ability to fit into nearly any design style.” PPG characterizes their Olive Sprig similarly, claiming that its familiarity makes it versatile enough to be used as a soothing alternative to more traditional neutrals. Still, it’s important to note that wall color is merely the beginning of how you can help your customers refresh their aesthetics, which is why we’re scouting the trends through product offerings of your favorite – and perhaps some new-to-you – brands. 

679olive-s_1_lgThis olive velvet sofa from Meridian’s Serpentine collection almost feels like a cross between chaise longue elegance and cozy hammock comfort.  

Meridian Furniture, one of the many furniture brands available to you on JuniperMarket, shows us how transformation with furnishings can be as impactful as wall color, without the upheaval of ladders, paint cans, and tarps – especially if that already happened over the course of the last 18 months. Take their Serpentine Olive Velvet Sofa, for example. Just the placement of this single sinuous piece (or one of its companion pieces) will evoke a garden lushness in any room with its velvet upholstery and botanic shape.  

Botanical Whimsy, Under Foot and On Your Table

Another non-painterly application of fresh color can be achieved with the use of area rugs. Whether it’s the whimsical Bee Print Garden Carpet from North American Country Home or the more traditional Bradford area rug, below, from Feizy, you can answer your customers’ yen to be one with their environment  with whichever version most suits their lifestyle and design preference.  

3546549fsagbge_lgA veritable lush green carpet underfoot, brought home to you by Feizy

If your customers are thinking of a more modest scale to their aesthetic update, the color trend products available to achieve a style shift into 2022 are almost limitless. Bring in minty freshness a la Breezeway by Behr with this ceramic table lamp from Park Hill Collection. Shown here with a collection of classic green glass pieces, this cluster effect provides high, yet localized, impact along with maximum flexibility. 

elt01128_lgPark Hill Collection promises you a (vintage) rose garden atop this breezy ceramic table lamp.


Herbal Hints and Sage Aplenty

These kinds of accessory options abound and can be found to suit any design style. Feeling a different vibe for your green glass? Check out these Minister glass vases by Pine Centre. What about going all herbal with your candlesticks and candles? You can’t go wrong with these Sage Greta Triple Candle Holders by ADV Group or the similarly Sage & Citrus votive candles by A Cheerful Giver Candle Company. 

What if you’re looking for a bit of a luxe twist to your restorative aura? Try this Rubio Tripod bowl by Pine Centre, with a leafy aspect peeking out from its interior while the glam gold surround brings a gleaming metal warmth your room ... and your mood. 

b7610061_lg2Find the end of the rainbow with Pine Centre’s pot of gold ... and green.


Fresh Air, Fresh Outlook, Fresh Design

As in nature itself, it can even be all about small, sweet and tactile.  From North American Country Home, you’ll find these two-tone green glass knobs, ready to bring a subtle touch of the outdoors to any small corner of cabinetry or case goods. Yes – even the corners can emerge from the pandemic-cloistered shadows!   

Perhaps you’d like to set your air-purifying snake plant into Flora Bunda’s three-legged pot and double the organic impact. Or bring some grassy texture to the fore with the  Haven Geo Tufted Basket by Shiraleah. Going green for 2022 can be as subtle or as extravagant as needed to answer the desire for the same well-being we all found while seeking fresh air and new growth. 

pc-3008_lgWith these glass knobs from North American Country Home, it’s almost like collecting sea glass to adorn your cabinets. 

The options are as endless as the weeds that would race you for possession of your lawn or garden, and that thought might just bring an abrupt end to your earthy zen if it weren’t for JuniperMarket. We’re here to help you manage the growth, prune back the stress, and invest in the calm. You can stay current with the new color stories you’re bringing to your clients by logging into the marketplace anytime.  

Keep your business garden growing, no matter the season, and enjoy coming home to that peaceful, easy feeling of a new year and a fresh start.  

Green tea, anyone?