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shop the vibe: go tropical and stay vacay-vibin’

beach sunsetLife is a beach any time you want it to be. Hey, if Pantone says so, who are we to argue?  

Pantone’s Summer 2022 Tropic Refresh colorway -- one that includes hues such as Aqua Green, Atomizer Blue, Peach Pink, Lilac Breeze, and Shell -- gives us all a way grab onto our beach sabbaticals and hang on like we’re parasailing through life.  

You might see the warmth of sunrises, high noons, and sunsets in your chosen color palette. Or the Caribbean Sea vibe might be the cooling zen you seek to wrap your days with. Whichever your direction, JuniperMarket is here to help you set the scene. 

Find your space on the sunrise or sunset coast. Or maybe the shore of lake or sea. Or even the rainbow reflection in your sidewalk rain puddle. The colors cast upon the waters wherever you find yourself will be an ongoing self-care promise “to dream big and enjoy, to escape from the challenges of everyday realities.”  

Like we said – if Lee Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, says it’s so, a nod of agreement is all that’s needed. Oh, and shopping.