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creating commerce as a force for good

Can January get ANY better?!? 

  • We launched the eagerly awaited JuniperMarket
  • We all headed to the year’s first markets, #AtlMkt and #LVMkt, for some “Better Together,” in-person market fun. 
  • And then we take Better Together even further! Juniper by IMC and International Market Centers acquire Dough, and their co-founder and CEO, Vanessa Bruce, joins forces with us to become VP of Social Impact. 

As we continue to forge into the future of ecommerce and empowerment, International Market Centers and Juniper are now amplifying our voice and perspective with this acquisitionDough’s mission for the last 3 ½ years has been, according to Vanessa, one of “getting women entrepreneurs the dollars they need to thrive.” By pairing the Dough community with the extensive buyer network of IMC and Juniper, these entrepreneurs will be able to continue their social impact of building a more inclusive, compassionate, and equitable community for the entire industry we serve.   

creating commerce as a force for good (Video)The additional coming benefit to our JuniperMarket buyers is values-based filtering to their product discovery in order to uniquely tailor their offerings to their mission. Whether it’s products that are made in the USA, products handcrafted and having local economic impact, or products that are eco-friendly, we’ll not only invite but facilitate our buyers to buy with their conscience.   

Please add your enthusiastic welcome to ours as we greet 🧁 Vanessa Bruce in her new role...and our next step. Applause all around as we open 2022 with a commitment to "creating commerce as a force for good." (No capes required 😉) 

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