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a little tabletop talk between friends

"Tabletop has sold more than ever in the last year, which is extraordinary. That’s kind of a fun thing to come out of the pandemic -- that people are learning to entertain with style again.”
~Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Whether it’s serving caprese salads to use the endless supply of tomatoes from your new pandemic-passion garden project or wanting to replicate the dining experience of the restaurants whose food you now have delivered via your favorite app, dining in – and in style – has returned to our homes. That rebirth includes tabletop décor that sets the mood for everything from classic Sunday dinners to the escapism of citrus-sunny isle design or cross-cultural Japandi zen.  

home décor’s newest bounce-back

Tabletop has become one of home décor’s newest bounce-backs. Even with the holiday season nearly past, you can still tap into this trend to be sure you have what your customers are looking for this winter as well as into 2022. By shopping JuniperMarket, IMC’s new online marketplace for the gift, home and lifestyle industries, you can keep your shelves stocked with the inventory that will help you bring the holidays home. 

add holiday flair to your table as easily as you hang your wreath


Yes! We all know those folks whose holiday planning and procurement are finished before the Harvest Moon is even a slender eyelash of a thought. But there are plenty of customers who will count on you to have inventory for any mad, last-minute dash they need to make their holiday happen. When you can call up tabletop styling – like this from Sullivans – at the click of a keystroke, that’s your first introduction to how JuniperMarket will be here for you and your business, anytime and everywhere.  

what’s the name of your tablescape game?

When it’s inventory you need right away, tailor your in-stock search and get it ordered and shipped. When it’s planning ahead that’s on your to-do list, you can take your time and leisurely browse the brands and featured products to find the perfect mix of trend-right and personally curated merchandise, so your business continues selling fresh ideas of the best quality. Which of the trends is right for your customer and which brands have products that fall in line with your unique vision? JuniperMarket will give you the time to research and discover without taking extra time from either your business or your holiday. 

cool Rustic Flare dinnerware from A&B Home brings earthy beauty and versatility.


If cool and monochromatic is the name of your design game, you’ll find A&B Home bringing those smooth moves to your tablescape. Whether you style it as cozy cottagecore (for those with that passion garden we salivated over earlier) or with an earthy Zen, you can opt to either pre-stock your shelves for your customers’ first-of-the-year buying sprees (and registries) or let your rep know that it’s a product you’ll be wanting to get all touchy-feely over at Market in January.  

finding escape and sanctuary

Knowing that the best of tabletop adventures are layers of form and function, you can also explore all the vases, candlesticks, linens, lighting, and unique accessories that bring your customer a signature design direction while still allowing for personal expression. Their homes have become a more genuine sanctuary than at any time in recent memory, and your ability to source broadly and with refinement answers the need that has been driving their purchases these last 18 months. 

hese bright florals from Transpac will transport your tabletop with colorful whimsy


Lemony brightness with a special verve is a look that warm weather customers and those seeking an early springtime end to their wintry cocooning will both embrace. These delightful pieces from Transpac are a bit more Sicily-meets-English-garden than Tuscany and, as such, bring the ability to layer their whimsy and enthusiasm with a wide variety of existing dinnerware styles. This fresh take on the familiar Mediterranean feel allows for a distinct and vibrant personal statement both as a focal point or as a layered element and aligns tabletop intentions with the Pantone declaration that free-spirited individuality is where it’s at for 2022. 

time for mulling, reflection and vision

That freedom of spirit is also found on tabletops beyond the rediscovered dining room. Al fresco dining has become a personal resort experience of choice and not just in its red-checked-tablecloth, picnic persona. While the experience of appreciation by profusion – bringing the virtual garden into the veritable garden – is one approach, so is the classic Michelin-star-inspired meal served in a splendor both relaxed and enhanced. 

the simple elegance of Q Home’s Dinnerware allows your style to shine, indoors or out


This table, set with Square Ruffle Dinnerware from Q Home is just one example of where JuniperMarket shoppers can take this vision for their customers in the coming year. Classic elegance never goes out of fashion, but it can be reinterpreted. You’ll have plenty of time to mull over just exactly how you want your merchandise to reflect that ... with a bit of seasonal mulled wine at your elbow to smooth the thought process. 

And remember, as you follow the trendspotting offered by JuniperMarket and all the IMC Markets during the year, your first point of timely discovery is JuniperMarket. New brands are launching and new products are featured every day, so you can always be on top of your merchandising and designing game. Get it while it’s hot – just like your favorite doughnut! 

What should we serve our doughnuts on this morning?